About buying a DOXA watch

What is the return policy on DOXA watches?

DOXA offers a 10 day money back guarantee on every watch purchased on this website, the watch should be unworn and in original condition and scratch and damage free, in case of a return, the purchase amount will be refunded instantly excluding the actual shipping costs (the actual shipping costs are higher than what is billed during checkout) . In order to return a product, please contact DOXA through this form to process your return.

What is the warranty offered by DOXA on new SUBs?

1. DOXA guarantees to supply spare parts for at least 10 years.
2. The new DOXA SUB SUB750T and SUB600 T-GRAPH come with a 2 year limited warrantee Note for US customers: service for US customers is handled by DOXA’s service center.

Where can I buy a DOXA?

DOXA offers a special part of its collection – the re-edition series – directly to customers through this website. This ensures high quality, the exclusiveness of low production numbers (limited editions) and direct contact with the manufacturer. Buying direct from the manufacturer guarantees that you are purchasing an authentic DOXA, as well as receiving the benefit of direct customer service.

How can I order DOXA watches online? What payment methods available? What if I do not own a credit card?

To place an order with one of the re-edition models, you can click the “order now” button on the product page and place your order using a major credit card like VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Alternatively we also offer alternative payment options through our billing partner “ifactory.at” like wire transfers, bank drafts or personal checks. If you wish to use one of the alternative payment methods, please send an email to us at help@doxawatches.com. We will contact you with the required details.

I do not want to send my credit card information over the internet. How else can I order a DOXA watch?

Although all DOXA web order forms are securely encrypted by SSL, we offer customers the alternative of ordering by Fax. If you prefer to order by Fax, please fill out the order form of the model you like to order and instead of clicking the “order now” please print the order form and send by fax within the USA and Canada to 1 866 230 2922 or +43 1 57726 27 from all other countries.

DOXA Service

What if I need service, warranty repair or regular maintenance?

All DOXA Re-edition models offered on this web site are covered by a 2 year limited warranty, which means that in the unlikely case that your watch needs warranty repair within 2 years from the date of purchase your watch will be repaired for free. We request that repairs for our non-US based customers be handled by our headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. This guarantees fast and worry-free service to our customers. You can rest assured that your watch is being taken care of by the people who put it together and know it best.

In the unlikely event that your new DOXA watch needs repair, please contact our service team at DOXA’s service department and request an RMA form. Please fill out and send the printed RMA form with your watch when shipping to DOXA’s service center in Dayton, OH USA. Note for non US customers, please note that when shipping your watch back to DOXA’s international headquarters in Switzerland, you need to state “repair” on the customs paper work, Please do not use the DOXA “scuba tank” packaging. Due to weight of the tube, it will increase the already high shipping costs. Involved. Please keep in mind that shipping and repair usually won’t take longer than 5 business days but because every watch has to be resealed and tested for water resistance and accuracy, the entire repair process might take up to 30 business days.

Where do I get the operating instructions for my DOXA SUB?

Following the motto “when tradition meets technology” DOXA is the first Swiss watch manufacturer to offer a full interactive electronic animated manual for their wrist watches, whether you are a DOXA customer or watch enthusiast you can download a free copy of operating instructions. Please click on DOXA SUB600T/SUB750T operating instructions and choose “save as”. Then simply unzip the file you downloaded and run the executable file. Then simply read through the operating instructions.

Is there a service center for DOXA watches in the USA, what if my watch needs service?

Yes DOXA’s Service Center in the USA is located in Dayton, Ohio. In the unlikely case that you experience any problems with one of our products purchased on this site, please contact DOXA’s service department by email and request an RMA form. Once you receive this form, please fill out the form before shipping the watch to the service center.

What are the service intervals for DOXA watches?

Like any mechanical device, a watch needs to be serviced regularly in order to insure a trouble free operation. Obviously, we cannot indicate the intervals for such work, given that it depends entirely on the model, climate and the care taken by the watch’s owner. As a general rule, it is between 4 and 5 years, depending on the use of the watch.